Welcome to Real Nature!  You will find how wonderful and fantastic the real nature really is.


Our factory was established in 2002. Our goal is to promote the beauty and mystery of nature once again.


We make artificial amber products, using resin to preserve the original, natural beauty of insects, butterflies, flowers, animals, sea life, lucky clover leaves and much more. The preserved items  are made into necklaces, key chains, earrings, bracelets, paperweights, desktop decorations and teaching tools, to mention a few.   All of these creatures we use are fed by local farmers, the species are normal, and do not infringe against any laws.


Our products are welcomed by the worldwide market.  We have a worldwide customer base which does very well in this business, and we reassure you will share the same success.


Currently, we don't post our prices on our website, so please write us an email and we will send you the price lists and product catalogs.  If you are interested in our products, please dont hesitate to contact us for more details.  


Contact person: Wu Wenbin

MSN: baobin_wu@hotmail.com

Yahoo Messenger: wu_baobin

Skype:  wu_baobin

Email: wubaobin@gmail.com

Office phone: 86-771-4891464

Mobile phone: 86-(0) 18977087296

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